Little FOCer Fully Assembled Flowglider Box *Charge Only*
Little FOCer Fully Assembled Flowglider Box *Charge Only*

Little FOCer Fully Assembled Flowglider Box *Charge Only*

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A fully assembled flowglider box. This box is wired for a charge only BMS. Battery Harness included. 

Motor, IMU(gyroscope) and accelerometer will be pre-calibrated for compatibility with straight rails and a BLDC motor.

Upon arrival, you will still need to do run the motor configuration wizard to recalibrate the Little FOCer to your motor. You *should not* have to recalibrate the IMU and Accelerometer for use in straight rails. Further tuning is recommended as each rider has different preferences and riding styles.

Firmware comes preconfigured with reasonable application settings to get riding  on a 15s battery with conservative 63V max voltage and 30amps discharge. Each Little FOCer Fully Assembled Flowglider Box will be test ridden for QA before shipping to the end user.  

The Little FOCer Fully Assembled Flowglider Box is NOT A DROP IN REPLACEMENT  for ANY PEV. You will still need to acquire a battery w/bms between 48V and 84V for safe operation. 

While the fully assembled flowglider box is intended to lower the barrier of entry, it is still a DIY project and utilizing the massive amount of configuration options  requires a significant learning curve to operate safely. The open source software does not check or save you from bad or unsafe configurations. 
The Little FOCer and latching power switch are not compatible with a BMS  that uses a momentary power switch to turn on and provides no keepalive to keep this type of BMS from turning off while riding.
The Little FOCer is VESC compatible and can be managed with VESC-Tool*.  Mobile versions of VESC-Tool can be downloaded from your mobile app store. Desktop versions of VESC-Tool can be purchased from ... or compiled from source

Parts List

  • Little FOCer BYOH version
  • latching power switch (yellow, green, blue, red)
  • footpad connector
  • motor power connector
  • hall sensor connector
  • *Updated* XLR charge port
  • *Updated* 16 pin molex 
  • 72mm x 53mm x 1mm 12W/Mk (gray) Thermal Pad
  • 3d printed in clear ABS Flowglider Box MK2 version
    • brass inserts preinstalled
  • 3d printed in clear ABS Flowglider Cover MK2 version 
  • Aluminum lid with countersunk screw holes
  • 7 -  M3 x .5 nuts
  • 7 -  M3 x .5 x 8M (FT) screws
  • 13 - 18-8 SS - #2 x 3/8 flat head screws
  • 6 - nylon washers
  • 16 pin molex Battery Harness
  • Pre-crimped charge lines 


*VESC is a registered trademark of Benjamin Vedder

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Makers PEV strives to be the best in the industry when it comes to open source EV creation.

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Though we are working hard to make this as easy as possible with no soldering and programming needed this is ultimately still a DIY solution.

The choice in parts and settings are still up to the user to decide. This allows for great creativity but does require some knowledge. If you are new, please research existing builds and settings before proceeding!

The Little FOCer is simply a motor controller. It was created to run any electric motor.

Yes but the pint/GT uses proprietary connectors therefore will need some DIY in order to make it work.

You can use any battery that fits in your build up to 20s! At this time there are a few manufacturers that make compatible upgraded batteries. 2 that we would recommend include Z Battery Solutions and The Board Garage. is the best collection of information at this time and I would recommend searching there for common issues but if you have more specific needs feel free to reach out to us at

The BMS choice is ultimately up to the user but a few popular options at the moment are ZBMZ, the ennoid and changing an xr/pint bms to charge only.

The Makers PEV BMS is in the works and coming soon.

Yes we ship anywhere we can from the United States. International shipping rates will apply and are not included in our $15 flat rate shipping.

Though most of the connectors from an XR controller can be reused it will require quite a bit of DIY and is significantly harder.

The only part that is not compatible is the momentary switch on the XR. The Little FOCer uses a latching switch.

No, our product replaces it completely and does not work with it in any way. You can choose to use either the Littler FOCer or your FM controller, but you cannot use them together.

No, at this time we are here to support people in their own builds and provide the equipment needed to do so.

VESC is the software that the Little FOCer hardware runs on similar to how Linux is the operating system for many different computers.